Gyamtso Sotse

In 1992, Gyamtso Sotse, a young Tibetan nomad, made the heartwrenching decision to leave his family and flee his country. He and two friends traversed the Himalayas by foot and sought refuge in the Indian city of Dharamsala , known for its population of Tibetan exiles. Gyamtso soon found work as a cook at a local restaurant, where he met the woman who would eventually become his wife—Marijo, a young student from Quebec.

Speaking no French and just a few words of English, Gyamtso was overcome by culture shock when he emigrated to Canada in 2000. Nonetheless eager to integrate, he registered for French courses and took a job tending a rotisserie at the St. Hubert BBQ restaurant chain.

After years in exile, Gyamtso longed to see his family and to revisit, if only for a few months, the nomadic lifestyle of his youth. His new standing as a Canadian citizen allowed him to return to his native soil.

Gyamtso — who is extremely proud of his culture and heritage — interpreted and performed the soundtrack for the film, which includes a number of traditional Tibetan songs. Both engaging and intriguing, he shares his culture with acumen and emotion.